What is VPN?

What is VPN?

VPN is a short term for Virtual Private Network. It is a service, that provides encrypted connection. It can be used for business needs allowing employees to securely connect to business networks in order to access business resources when away from the office. Also, it can be used as paid service, to get privacy in nowadays network. This last reason we are going to be describing in this article, since this is exactly what type of service we offer.

Here below are few more argument, how can VPN be used:

* VPN protects your privacy by hiding your internet history;
* Allows you to avoid Geo-depending search results;
* Safer Wi-Fi hostpots usage;
* Allows, using P2P in safety;
* Avoid search engines to store data on your browsing history;
* Evade censorship, for example some country might be blocking Youtube, Skype or other widely used website.

For all these and some other reasons, VPN could be a solution.

How does it works?

In general you are tracked by someone every time you browse through internet. Your IP address which is assigned to you by your ISP is an index to identify you next time you connect to internet. For example, you may get some new computer’s advertisement, since last time you searched for a computer on Google. You might be blocked out from some websites due to your ISP, Country restriction. These are some of the situations, which have a common solution – VPN. VPN works as a middle point between your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the Internet.

VPN types

VPN service can vary between providers based on the encryption type, protocol and location of VPN server – these are the technical differences only. We will provide some information, on the protocols we are using for our VPN:

OpenVPN protocol – this protocol has it’s own client to use VPN, which offers some functions, it provide great security and stability, and uses the AES-256 encryption. It also supports many devices and OS versions so it is quite popular among many users, who grew into community, since the software is Open Source with GNU GPL license. However, it could be a little difficult to start using it, because the Client offers a lot of configuration and requires the OpenVPN Client to use it.

L2TP protocol – is quite popular, considered fast and quite safe (AES-256) and stable. It is also compatible with many different platforms and does not requires additional Client to use VPN. However, it is not considered as safe as some other protocols, like OpenVPN.

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