What virtualization do you use?

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What virtualization do you use?

OpenVZ Virtualization

We are using a highly modified OpenVZ virtualization platform. For each VPS, we allocate dedicated RAM, disk space, and network resources without sharing them with another container in the same node. There is no “burstable,” “flexible,” or other non-guaranteed RAM allocation method.

Container VPS offers OpenVZ7 virtualization with a 3.10.0 kernel version.

Storage VPS offers OpenVZ6 virtualization with a 2.6.32+ kernel version.

KVM Virtualization

In KVM virtualization, besides OpenVZ dedicated resources, we also dedicate CPU for full utilization at any time. More information on the difference between OpenVZ and KVM can be found here.

Linux VPS offers kernel version of 3.X+ and higher.

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