Configuring Email in Thunderbird

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Configuring Email in Thunderbird

Open your Thunderbird program

If you have already added one mailbox for another one please choose “Preferences” -> “Account Settings…” -> Account Actions” -> “Add Mail Account… ” and follow this tutorial from step 3.

1. Select “Email“:

2. Select “Skip this and use my existing email

3. Fill in email information and press “Continue”:

Your name: name that will appear to receipients

Email address: full your email address

Password: password of your mailbox

4. Fill in all server information:


Select your protocol IMAP or POP3. Difference between IMAP and POP3 protocols please find here:

Server hostname: “”

Port: 993 (IMAP) and 995 (POP3)


Authentication: Normal password


Server hostname: “”

Port: 587


Username: full your email address

Press “Done” and your email setup is finished.

Please take a note, that your Email should be already created in your Control Panel. Also if you are not sure, what is your hostname (for example,, you can check it in your Client Area by pressing on your hosting services.

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