cPanel Proxy

cPanel Proxy

Occasionally, cPanel terminates an active session and logs a user out with the ‘IP Address has changed’ error. The reason for this disconnection is that the IP address you are using has changed. This is a cPanel security setting that cannot be turned off on a shared server (Shared / Reseller hosting).

The IP address can change for a variety of reasons – for example, your ISP gives you a dynamic IP address or you use a VPN where the IP address also changes periodically. However, this problem can be avoided if cPanel Proxy is used. In this lesson, you will find instructions on how to start using it on your server, with the interrupted cPanel sessions.

1) Delete the ‘cpanel’ subdomain entry from your DNS manager

2) Log in to your cPanel server and create a subdomain ‘cpanel’ for your domain

3) Download cPanel Proxy

4) Upload the downloaded file to your server and unzip it

5) That all . You should now connect to your cPanel at cpanel + Your domain, for example (

If the same error occurs with WHM, the order of changes is the same, but with a different subdomain.

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