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Getting started with Hostens Website Builder

Website Builder is a very intuitive tool that is based on the ‘darg and drop’ principle. This means that you select an element and drag it to the place you want it on your website, then drop it there. Simple as that.

When you are at Website Builder for the first time, it may take a moment to get around. This article will explain how the main toolbar and its functions work. The main toolbar looks like this:

Starting from the Left, you can find the following options:

  • Add content – this menu is divided into two: Add content and Add Widget; they both offer a lot of functions and elements that you can add to your website right away.
  • Design – this menu allows you to change the website’s style, color palette, and fonts.
  • Home Page – this menu allows you to add or remove new pages to your website while also jumping between them to edit each of them.
  • Preview – this is a simple preview option where you can check the website before publishing it. It allows you to check desktop, mobile, and tablet versions of your website.
  • Publish – this button allows you to publish the website and reflect your changes on the live version of your website.

On the settings button, you can open an additional menu, where you can find more configurable settings:

  • Website – this option forwards you to the main window to edit your website.
  • Analytics – if Analytics is activated, this will provide information about People, Sessions, and Page views.
  • Blog –  this menu allows you to create and write blog posts that you can publish on your website.
  • Store(only available on Business plan) – e-commerce plugin that allows you to step up products and manage orders, payments, and Store in general.
  • Help – this menu provides general links to our knowledgebase articles.
  • Settings – this is the main settings view that allows configuring website status and basic information about your site, meta information, Seo keywords; adding Google Analytics tracking code; adding Favicon; set up Privacy, and Legal information.

SSL certificate

Our support team can install the SSL certificate for you, you will have to contact our team via email or live chat, and we will do it. It is free of charge.

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