How to work with Ecommerce plugin on Website Builder

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How to work with Ecommerce plugin on Website Builder

Ecommerce plugin allows you to set up and manage a simple e-shop within your website. You can find the Store plugin on your toolbar menu by pressing the button . Then on the left menu, choose “Store“. In the Store plugin, you will see a “To Do” list, as follows:

It is a convenient list of things you need to configure before your store can go live. These things are:

  • Configure payments – you will have to choose a payment method from the list of available payment providers(i.e., PayPal, Bank Transfer, PayU, 2 Checkout, and more). You will use it to collect payment for your products.
  • Store settings – you will have to enter the basic information about your Shop. For example, contact information, address, communication settings, product sorting rules, inventory tracking, tax rates, currency, and formats.
  • Add products – you will have to add at least one product before launching the website. Keep in mind that there is a Product import function via the .csv file as well.
  • Add shipping costs –  you will have to add shipping options and fees.
  • Open for business – once all the above are completed, you will launch the store via this last step.

The Store plugin has Order management, Analytics, Discount. All of these options are self-explanatory.

Note. The e-commerce plugin is only available with the Business package.

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