How to change PHP version in cPanel?

How to change PHP version in cPanel?

First, you need to connect to your cPanel dashboard, which you can do by following steps:

1. Log in to your account in our Clients Area:

2. Choose your Web Hosting(cPanel) service;

3. Press the button “Access Control Panel” on the left menu and then the button “Click here to access control panel”.


4. From the control panel “Software” section choose “Select PHP Version”.


5. Press the highlighted button and choose the suitable PHP version. To save changes, press “Set as current” that is to the right from the PHP version button.

The change of the PHP version is immediate. The version can be changed back at any time and does not have a restriction on how many times it can be changed.

In addition to PHP version change, you can enable wanted PHP extensions by marking them with check mark and pressing “Save” at the bottom left corner of the list.

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