How to check addon domain website before domain is pointed to server?

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This is mostly relevant when you are transferring addon domain website to your cPanel hosting plan and you wish to check if the migration was successful, before making the website accessible globally by adjusting domain DNS zone records.

To form the direct URL address, it will be required so know the details on how the relevant domain was created in your cPanel. For this, you should connect to your cPanel area:

  • Log in to your account in our Clients Area:
  • Choose your Web Hosting(cPanel) service;
  • Press the button “Access Control Panel” on the left menu and then the button “Click here to access control panel”.

After log-in, select the Addon Domains category in “Domains” section of menu:

From the Addon Domains list, that is at the bottom of the page, you will need information from column “Subdomain:

In this examle, the addon domain is “your-additional-domain.tld” and during it’s creation the subdomain was set as “your-additional-domain“. The direct URL address are formed in such rule:


From this example, let’s imagine that main domain was, the sub-domain your-additional-domain and the server hostname In such scenario the final URL will look like:

If sub-domain would have been “shop”, then the final URL would be as:

This will allow you to reach your website before the domain is pointed to the server.

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