How to create custom error pages in cPanel?

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In order to create custom error pages for your domain:

1. For the changes, you have to be logged in the cPanel dashboard via direct link to your service or via client area:

  • Log in to your account in our Clients Area:
  • Choose your Web Hosting(cPanel) service;
  • Press the button “Access Control Panel” on the left menu and then the button “Click here to access control panel”.

2. When in the dashboard, select Error Pages from the Advanced menu section:

3. In the opened Error Pages section select the domain for which you want to set up the custom error messages in the “Step 1 – Select Domain to Manage Error Pages”:

4. After selecting the domain, you will be able to choose from the provided error pages (by default most common will be shown, however you can choose all editable errors by selecting “Show All HTTP Error Status Codes”).

5. When specific error will be selected for edit, you will be able to set a new error message in HTML code.

6. To finnish up, click Save at the bottom of HTML editor.

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