How to speed up your website with CloudFlare Railgun?

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How to speed up your website with CloudFlare Railgun?

Railgun feature of the CloudFlare system, ensures that the connection to the website is done as fast as possible. Because of this, all of our shared hosting servers are prepared to serve this feature for websites. In this guide you will learn how to enable the protection for your domain in CloudFlare system.

0. Requirements. Your domain should be using CloudFlare system’s nameservers and controlled through account on CloudFlare. We have discussed about this on our other guide. You will find it here.

1. For Railgun to be enabled, your domain and “www.” sub-domain records should be created and pointed to one of our shared hosting plan IP’s. You can check this in the DNS section of the CloudFlare:

2. There should be at least 2 records created in your DNS zone. One of them should be for your main domain and another one for your www. sub-domain:

3. If the records are created successfully, you can proceed with the activation of Railgun in the Speed section of the CloudFlare system.

4. “Railgun State” should be set as Active by the slider on the right being set as “On”.

5. In addition to check if your settings are correct, you can press “Test” button and the message “Railgun test results forSuccess”. Other test details would also be provided that are not relevant.

This is it. Now you have set your website with Railgun, that should speed up the access to your website from all over the world!

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