How to update your WordPress plugins?

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How to update your WordPress plugins?

It’s very crucial to update WordPress plugins from time to time for website security and usability.

So keeping your website plugins up-to-date helps to harden website security – closing doors that hackers could not access your website easily. Also, it ensures a positive user experience for your website visitors, making sure that site visitors are interacting with the most recent software.

WordPress allows updating plugins by updating WordPress version automatically or manually by updating plugins one by one.

Usually, separate plugin updates are more preferred by some website owners because it helps mitigate potential theme issues that could arise after updating some plugins.

So in this guide, you will see how to update your WordPress plugins manually.

Manual WordPress plugin update

1. Firstly, you will need to log in to your WordPress dashboard.

2. Then there you will see three options to update WordPress plugins:

1) By clicking on the circle-shaped like two arrows in the top header of your WordPress dashboard;
2) By clicking on Plugin button;
3) By clicking Updates towards the top of the left sidebar menu.

3. If you click on the icon in the header or Updates, you will be taken to a screen showing all updates available for your used plugins and themes.
To update your plugins, check Select All or select only the plugins you want to update.
Then click on the button Update Plugins.

After that, you should see a success message after updates will be completed.

4. If you click on the button Plugins, you will be taken to a page showing a list of your used plugins. So there, you will need to select which plugins you want to update and then click on Update under the Bulk Actions dropdown.
After that, simply click on Apply button and then you will see a success message that plugins were updated.

After performing these steps, you will update your used WordPress plugins.

Note. If you will try to update your WordPress plugins, it’s better that you backup your database and website files, just in case if something went wrong.

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