Shared hosting vs VPS hosting

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Shared hosting vs VPS hosting

Hostens provides two types of hosting packages: Shared hosting and VPS hosting. This article compares them and helps you understand each of the package’s pros and cons. Allowing you to choose the more suitable option for you.

Shared hostingVPS hosting
Technical supportYes1Limited
Dedicated IP addressNoYes
Additional IP addressNoYes
Domains limitYesNo
Additional usersOnly in Reseller hostingYes
Automatic backupsYes, paidYes, paid
Manual backupsYesYes
Data migrationYes2No
Custom server nameNoYes
Shared resourcesYesNo
Graphical control panelYes, cPanelYes, installed manually
Custom OSNoYes
SSH(terminal) accessYes, limitedYes
File ManagerYesYes
Database managementYesYes
SSL supportYesYes
Cron tasksYesYes
InstallatronYesNot by default
Node.jsOnly in Reseller hostingYes
Custom software installationNoYes
Custom server configurationNoYes

1 Technical support is provided for server-related issues, we do not manage, update or configure individual websites.
2 Data(Website, emails) migration is available, but this kind of request should be discussed with a support specialist, who would evaluate the individual case and decide if we can do that and on what conditions.

Generally, the shared hosting packages are more suitable for those not wanting to be involved in server configuration and management part. You would only be responsible for the files you are hosting on this server.

VPS server is a self-managed server, where a customer is the server administrator, being responsible for everything from the service configuration to troubleshooting the software issues.

Most of the applications are preinstalled and preconfigured on shared hosting, while on VPS server, you would need to do that manually based on your individual requirements, but that also allows you to install almost anything on the server.

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