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SpamExperts SPAM filter sensitivity

Sensitivity of the SpamExperts SPAM filter is based on points system. All received emails are evaluated according to the SPAM filter algorithms and based on obtained points are released or blocked by the filter.  If you notice that the SpamExperts filter stops too many appropriate emails, or counter – misses a lot of spam, you can change the “sensitivity” of the filter.

1. Log in to the SpamExperts SPAM filter management via the clients area:

How to connect to SpamExperts SPAM filter control panel?

2. So that reach filter sensitivity management press on “Filter settings”:

In the section Quarantine threshold filter sensitivity can be managed. The default recommended value is 0.6. The lower the value, the more strict the evaluation of the received emails. So if too many appropriate emails are being rejected, increase this value. If you think you are getting too many unwanted emails – reduce this value:

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