How to use a Feature Manager

How to use a Feature Manager

Feature Manager is an option to create a specific configuration for each of your cPanel users. This would allow customizing the cPanel users settings based on the individual needs.

You can access Feature Manager on your WHM panel, by simply pressing the button on the left menuĀ  – “Feature Manager“. Also, you can simply use this keyword in a search menu. You will be able to create new feature list:

The picture above displays a menu, where you can add and create a new list (button “Add Feature List“) or simply edit one you already had. If you choose to create a new list, you will be presented with a lot of option to add in your new list as displayed allow:

You can simply check the features list, which you need to for a specific list, once you have chosen all the feature simply press “Save” button on the bottom. This feature will be added to your created packages and you will be able to assign it for a specific user simply by changing and setting such package for a user.

Note. You will be able to see the feature list among your packages and you can separate it from others by its name (it will be similar to:

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