SEO tool: Optimize

SEO tool: Optimize

The Optimize menu on the SEO tool account will provide a summary of information about your website SEO. You can access this menu using the quick step by step guide:

  1. Connect to your Hostens account:
  2. Find the Seo tool product on your Service list;
  3. On the product menu, choose Access Control Panel.
  4. On the SEO tool account, choose Optimize on the top toolbar;

The Optimize menu will provide a list of analyzed pages on your website and provides insights on each of them. An example of the page is below:

If you select any of these pages, you will see all the information about it: suggested things you should make to improve the SEO of this selected page and the things that are already done regarding the SEO. For example:

You can also press on a specific suggestion, for example, “Include a meta description” – this would expand with more information on what should be done:

If you make any changes on this selected page based on the insights, you can press the button “Done! Check it now“, the system would analyze this page of your website again and update its evaluation.

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