SEO tool: Settings

SEO tool: Settings

The Settings menu on the SEO tool account will allow you to configure parameters about your website company with the SEO tool.

  1. Connect to your Hostens account:
  2. Find the Seo tool product on your Service list;
  3. On the product menu, choose Access Control Panel.
  4. On the SEO tool account, choose Settings on the top toolbar;

On the Settings menu, you will be able to configure the general parameters of your company profile, and this includes these parameters:

  • Your business name;
  • Your SEO target country;
  • Your website goal;
  • Language.

You can also find the “Tracked Keywords” tab, then select “Find new keywords“:

You can search and select which keywords you want to track, check their position on Google.

Another menu tab is “Competitors,” the SEO tool will suggest some possible competitors, but you can always add them manually. It will allow you to compare what common keywords you and your competitor’s website focus on. An example of this menu is below:

Additionally, you can add a contact person that will receive all the notification emails with the suggestions and insights of what should be done on your website regarding SEO, based on the analysis of the tool.

Finally, there is a quick menu to connect your website with Google Analytics to provide more insights about the SEO and keywords.

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