[Windows] How To Unlock Downloaded Files?

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[Windows] How To Unlock Downloaded Files?

When you download files from the Internet, the operating system marks them in a particular way for security reasons. Later, when you try to open the downloaded file, Windows displays a warning that the file is not safe and requires explicit confirmation that you intend to open it. All features are designed for the highest security level.

However, when security features are enabled, some files are blocked especially hard, that you can not even open a file. There is a way to remove such locks from all files and folders found in the “Downloads” folder or any other folder. In this article, Hamster will provide steps on how to unlock these files manually.

Steps to unlock downloaded files

  1. Press the right mouse button on the file that isn’t opening;
  2. Choose ‘Properties’ from the list;
  3. Select tab ‘General’;
  4. At the bottom of it you will see the following:


5. To unlock the file, check the “Unblock” checkbox and then apply the changes.

For more information, please visit this link.

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