[Windows] New RDP User on Windows VPS Server

We assume that you have already installed a Windows operating system. So, now we can create a new additional user to connect via RDP. By default, two users can log in to Windows VPS simultaneously.


Windows-based server with one of the following operating systems: Windows Server 2012, 2016 or 2019.

The creation of the new RDP user

Select ‘Start’ -> ‘Administrative’ -> ‘Computer Management’

New RDP UserOnce, the new window opens, choose ‘Computer Management’ -> ‘Local Users and Groups’

Click the right button of the mouse and select ‘Users’ -> ‘New User.’ Enter log in details (username and password) of the new user.

New RDP User New RDP User

A new user will be created with limited privileges with no login access to the server. So, you need to change it:

  1. Double click on directory ‘Users’ (the same, that you can see on the third step by creating a new user).
  2. Click the right button of the mouse on new user and select ‘Properties’ on the open window select ‘Members Of’ and add:

New RDP User New RDP User

3. On the field ‘Enter the object names to select’ enter Administrators and click ‘Check Names.’

Save all changes, and you can connect with a new RDP user.

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