[Windows] Enabling URL Rewrite in IIS

[Windows] Enabling URL Rewrite in IIS

URL Rewrite is Windows IIS (Internet Information Service) web server’s module that allows you to manage links on your website. Mainly, this module lets you create new links that are SEO friendly and easier to remember for visitors. To use this module, you need to enable it on IIS. So, make sure that IIS is installed on your server.

Once you have done with it, let’s download the URL Rewrite module. The easiest way is to download it via the server’s browser.

BrowserPress ‘Install this extension‘ and run the downloaded module once new windows pop up press ‘Install‘ button.

InstallPress ‘I Accept’ and wait until installation would be finished. Press button ‘Finish and close ‘Windows Web Platform Installer’ window.

To open an installed extension, open ‘Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager’ from the ‘Start’ menu and select ‘URL Rewrite’ option. Then you will be able to add rewrite rules.

URL RewriteTo add new rewrite rule press right mouse button on URL Rewrite,’ press ‘Open Feature’ and select Add Rule(s)…’ in the right-side menu. You will see a new window ‘Add Rule(s)‘ and would be able to choose rule template

Add RulesMore detailed information on how to create rules that could be found here.

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