[Windows] Website Hosting Using IIS

[Windows] Website Hosting Using IIS

In order to host a website on Windows VPS (Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019), you need to install and configure IIS (Internet Information Services). To do so, connect to your server and follow these steps.

IIS installation to your server

1. Open a ‘Server Manager, and select ‘Dashboard’ on the left

2. Select ‘Add roles and features’;

3. After that, on the next page press ‘Next’;

4. Select ‘Role-based or feature-based installation’ and press ‘Next’;

5. As it is a local machine choose ‘Select a server from the server pool’ and current server. Press ‘Next’;

6. Mark the check-box at the ‘Web Server (IIS)’ from the list and press ‘Next’;

Web Server IIS7. May open up a new window you with some more feature, you should only choose them if you need and then press Next or if you install some features press “Add Features”;

8. In addition, read all the information regarding installation and press “Install.” After all the press “Close.”

How to open IIS Interface

  1. Open ‘Control Panel’;
  2. Select ‘Administrative Tools’;
  3. Select ‘Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.’

IIS Service

Adding New Website

  1. In the left side expand the tree and choose the ‘Sites’ option with a right click select ‘Add ‘Website’;
  2. After that, a pop-up box will appear. You need to fill in with the following details:

a) Site name: name your website;
b) Physical path: create a new folder that your website’s files will be uploaded;
c) Type: if you have an SSL certificate choose HTTPS. In another way select HTTP;
d) IP address: by default, it is ‘All unassigned,’ Hostens recommendation is to choose your server IP;
e) Port: Hostens recommends using default port – 80;
f) Hostname: you should enter your website for example;
g) When you entered all the information just press, OK.

Server Configuration

To configure IIS, you need to open a command line and provide these commands:

add iplisten ipaddress=X.X.X.X

In the field, “X.X.X.X” you should enter your server’s IP address. Check out in the picture.

And that is it. You are done with a configuration, upload and check out your website if it is available online.

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